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Effective immediately, Land Trust is no longer selling property located in Kansas City. To buy property located in Kansas City, please
contact the Land Bank at (816) 513-9020 or visit their office
at 4900 Swope Parkway, Kansas City, Mo., 64130.

he Land Trust of Jackson County, Mo., is a governmental corporation established by state law to sell properties that have failed to sell on the courthouse steps to satisfy unpaid taxes. Proceeds of any sale are applied to costs of maintaining and selling the properties and to the operation of Land Trust. Properties sold by Land Trust are no longer subject to a lien for property taxes. Certain other liens may remain attached to the property title.

If you're interested in purchasing Land Trust property, please read the purchase procedure and view the list of Land Trust properties. For more information about particular properties, visit jacksongov.org. If you have questions, call the Land Trust office at (816) 221-3366.